27.8-Inch Huge Breasts Two-Channel Sexy Realistic Male Masturbator

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Features:1:1 life-sized beauty, the most realistic and natural sexy partner.Huge breasts and charming figure, an irresistible temptation.Two channels ..


  • 1:1 life-sized beauty, the most realistic and natural sexy partner.
  • Huge breasts and charming figure, an irresistible temptation.
  • Two channels with ribbed interiors, you choose which one to penetrate.
  • Movable built-in skeleton, pose her in any position you like.
  • Made of TPE, show you the touch of real skin.
  • Completely waterproof, unrestricted bathroom spree.



No sex seeker could refuse her with huge breasts decorated with hard, pink nipples, slim waist, chubby buttocks, thick thighs... Manageable from top to bottom, supported by a built-in movable skeleton, you are free to pose her into any position that you love, dress her in lingerie or bondage that you favor, then start a wonderful journey. You may want to enjoy with her from the front first, in inviting missionary style. The luscious pussy are enthusiastically sucking your dick, inviting you to go deeper, while your hands are roaming around her boobs, pinching and kneading violently and hungrily. Or you'd like to take her anally, in doggy style. Hold the slender waist with both hands, as a lever, slam into the tight ass to reap huge intimate pleasure from each of your thrust. You can also get an orgasm from the breast-pinching against your penis, which will be extremely easy and enjoyable with those big boobs. Made of TPE and having went through superior craftsmanship, she will be the most realistic and natural partner which only belongs to you!



Material: TPE

Size: 27.8*11.8*8.3’’

Circumference:  Neck: 11.2’’

                          Breasts: 31.9’’

                          Waist: 18.9’’

                          Hip: 31.5’’    

                          Thigh: 17.7’’

Thigh length: 7.9’’

Weight: 37.03 lb


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